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Do You Need A Getaway? I know I do!

Believe me; I completely understand we all need a break sometimes! Finding time to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be challenging. Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature and recharge your batteries, but it’s not always easy to find the time or energy to prepare for a camping trip. And frankly, I don’t wanna sleep in a tent on an air mattress. That’s why I’m excited to tell you about Getaway cabins. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to escape to the great outdoors without all the hassle of traditional camping. That’s where Getaway comes in.

Some call it “Glamping,” but it’s more of a funky cabin/trailer. Giving you all the creature comforts we require but still allowing you to connect with nature. Getaway puts nature within reach. It’s your window to wide-open spaces, allowing you to rest and rediscover the best parts of yourself.

Getaway calls them outposts, and they are located within a two-hour drive of many major cities. You will find outposts near Atlanta, Boston, Columbus, Detroit, Houston, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, as well as 15 other cities. At these outposts, you will find an escape from your everyday life and a place to reconnect with the outdoors. We have chosen to visit the Pittsburgh+Cleveland outpost a few times over the last 3-4 years. It’s about 90 minutes from our home but feels like a world away.

Located outside Lisbon, Ohio, you arrive at a tiny sign along the road with a driveway that has a cornfield on one side and a pine forest on the other. You can drive up to your cabin (or tiny house/trailer) and immediately start disconnecting. When your place is ready, you receive a text message with your door code and the cabin name. Everything about check-in is contact-free, and it’s been that way since long before the pandemic.

You know relaxation is on the menu when there is a tiny box on the table for you to lock away your cell phone. The message is simple, turn off, disconnect, and check-in.

What To Expect

You will find your tiny cabin with everything you need for a night or two in the woods. A comfy bed (or beds if you select the option with bunk beds). A tiny but complete private bathroom (toilet and shower). A small kitchenette with refrigerator, small two-burner cooktop, sink, and all the necessary dishes and utensils. All cabins have AC and heat should you need them. You will also find some basic provisions: salt, pepper, oil, s’mores kit, etc.

Outside, you will have a picnic table, a couple of lounge chairs, a fire pit, and a box stocked with wood and fire starters. It has everything you need to spend a few days and evenings around the campfire.

Your campfire area is set up so you don’t see the next cabin’s outdoor space. You will have neighbors, but the layout of the cabins is such that you will feel as though you have privacy. It is a very peaceful set-up. Never have I experienced noisy neighbors or anything other than a tranquil outdoor environment.

But I think what you are asking yourself is, How is the bathroom situation? Well, it is tight but clean and private. You have a commode and a shower. I’m a big guy, so the shower is small for me. But it’s set up so you have the comforts of a bathroom in your cabin.

So Now What?

You have arrived and are ready to disconnect but want something to do. Well, at the Getaway Beaver Creek, we found lots of options. There are several nearby trails for both hiking and biking. The other outposts have similar options.

Beaver Creek State Park is a short 10-minute drive from the outpost. Here you will find some excellent hiking trails along the creek. The Vondergreen trail is an out-and-back trail that is about 6 miles long. This hike follows along some interesting canal ruins. This park has a few shorter walks and great picnic options around a small pond. It also has an interesting pioneer village with restored buildings such as a Grist Mill, Blacksmith Shop, and Chapel.

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A very nice, nearby bike trail is the Little Beaver Creek Greenway Trail. The trail starts in the town of Lisbon and goes to Washingtonville. It’s 12.5 miles in one direction and is relatively flat. A small part of the trail does travel along a rural road, but for the most part, this is a paved trail with no cars. It is a nice ride.

At the outpost, you will also find a hiking trail along Little Beaver Creek. It starts at the back of the property, descends to the creek, and runs a few miles along the water. It’s a great early morning or evening walk before you start your campfire.

But you can also just enjoy your time at the cabin. Grab a good book, take a nap, or play a game. Take advantage of the tranquility. But whatever you do, don’t grab your devices. Leave them locked away, or only use them to snap a few photos. It will all be there when you return home, and you might enjoy your time more if you truly disconnect.

What To Bring and What To Eat

Now for the fun part, what to bring to round out your experience. Bring some food, and plan something fun to cook on the open campfire. Lisbon has a few places to eat, but the real fun here is cooking over an open fire.

We have done both simple and more complicated meals on our several trips. Honestly, both were fun and delicious, but simple was the way to go. On our first trip, we packed a few hot dogs to cook over the fire, some Jiffy Pop Popcorn (which neither of us had made since we were kids), and some overnight oats for breakfast.

On our second trip, we went gourmet, with beef fillets with onions and mushrooms in a cast iron pan over the fire, and we also grilled potatoes and made a salad. For breakfast, we did bacon on the fire with eggs. Cooking on an open fire is challenging, but it turned out great. But clean-up was a bit of a hassle, so I preferred the simple option best.

As far as what to bring, keep it simple. Bring some food and drinks (a good bottle of wine is excellent by the fire). There are grocery stores in Lisbon if you need to pick anything up.

I also brought throw blankets for around the fire since it can get chilly at night, some bug spray or sticks, and I even brought throw pillows to use on the chairs. It made it comfier.

Other than that, don’t over-pack. The cabins are tiny, and it can easily start to get cluttered.

When To Getaway?

The tiny cabins are fully equipped with AC and heat, perfect for any time of the year. But summer gives you the best opportunity to get outside and enjoy all the amenities. I’ve stayed in both the summer and fall and found those to be perfect times.

Summer rates at the Beaver Creek outpost range in price from as low as $127 for a weeknight to $235 for a Friday in May. If you book further out, you can find prices as low as $99 in September 2023. And if you love getting away, they have a Getaway Often Club, where if you stay 7 nights, the 8th night is FREE. (You are automatically enrolled when you make a reservation).

Getaway allows you to get outdoors without a ton of planning or equipment. It also doesn’t require a considerable time commitment for travel since most places are only 2 hours from a major city. It’s a great way to do some solo camping or put something together with a group and rent several cabins.

After my stay in Beaver Creek, I decided that during the summer of 2023, I plan to visit other outposts in cities near Pittsburgh. So look for my posts on Getaway Hocking Hills (just outside of Columbus) and Getaway Shenandoah North (outside Washington, DC). Both offer new hiking and biking experiences and are slightly further than the Pittsburgh + Cleveland outpost. It’s a great way to explore new areas.

If you want to try Getaway, you can start planning here!

And remember, put the phone away and get away!

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