What Is Fork & Wander?

It’s all about the things I love most Travel and Food!

Hi! I’m Tim. I started this blog to share my passion for travel and food.

How does one catch the travel bug? It may be genetic. My Dad would have embraced the full-time travel trend sweeping the internet nowadays. But that wasn’t an option back then, especially with 5 kids and a job! But oh, how he loved to travel. Whenever I’m someplace amazing, I immediately think of him. He is the only person I know who would go anywhere and do anything. If he saw a crazy vantage point, he would check it out, no matter how steep, how precarious. And once he found that perfect view, he would sit there for an eternity.

When I was a kid, my Dad bought an old run-down camper. He drove it home with the door flapping back and forth because it wouldn’t stay shut. My sister and I hid in the back seat, hoping no one would see us drive into the neighborhood with that mess. Then he set about fixing it up (yeah, we had a vintage camper before vintage campers were even a thing). Our first adventure was a 4-week tour of the American West. We hit all the big ones: Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, Pikes Peak, the Four Corners, and Las Vegas. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Once my Dad retired, he got the cruise bug. It drove my mom crazy; she was more of a homebody. But she would give in, and off they would go. Like me, my Dad seemed happiest when he was on the road. He appreciated a beautiful sunset more than a bigger house. Seeing a new place appealed to him more than a new car. And that is where I got this desire to travel.

My Blog

My Blog’s Goal Is To Inspire YOU!​

Fork & Wander is my passion project. After 34 years of creating two successful businesses, the first a marketing and graphic design firm and the second a boutique home & gift store, it was time again to pursue a new passion. I am combining my love of travel and food.

I’m not a blogger who has seen a million destinations. I’m not the content creator who takes a picture of myself every chance I get. In fact, I hate being in photos! That’s not this blog. I’m lucky to have traveled a good deal, but I have lots of wandering left to experience. 

Here is what I look for in a good trip. I need a hotel that is clean & comfortable. I don’t stay in hostels. I don’t share a bathroom. I like it quiet. And I like good service. Traveling on the cheap is not a good use of my time. That said, I do love a bargain. My goal is simple: I want to stay at luxury places but not break the bank.

I love the outdoors. Hiking, biking, walking, and snorkeling are all my idea for an ideal trip. Theater and museums are not really my thing. But I am an expert shopper; I owned a boutique for 17 years, so I will check out a good independent shop when I see one.

I love to cook and eat. I am more adventurous with food than many years ago, but I’m not crazy. I love casual dining. Please give me a great view, a nice wine and delicious food, and I’ll be happy. 

That is what you can expect from this site. Please join me on my journey. Welcome to Fork & Wander

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